Lanham Field

No Reservations Between 1100-1300. All Fields/Courts are First Come, First Served

The primary purpose of the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Athletic Facilities are to serve as health, fitness, and training areas for active-duty service members.

Who Can Make Reservations?

  • Reservations for MCCS athletic fields/courts are for military/unit functions.
  • Marines and civilians are not allowed to reserve the fields for personal use.
  • Requests for use of the MCCS athletic facilities by Non-Federal Entities (NFE) must be received 45 days prior to the intended start date and will not be accepted earlier than 180 days prior to the intended start date.
  • NFE’s should email requests to Attn: Semper Fit Director

Which Fields/Courts are Available for Unit Reservations

  • Refer to Athletic Fields Map for reference)
    • Resale Lot Softball Field
    • Resale Lot Soccer Field 1
    • Volleyball 1 & 2 (O-Course)
    • Softball Fields – Red, Blue, White, Gold
    • Multi-Purpose Field 1 (Naval Health Clinic)
    • Volleyball 1, 2, & 3 (Lanham Sports Complex)
    • Turf Soccer/Football Field (Lanham Sports Complex)
    • Track (Lanham Sports Complex)
    • Multi-Purpose Field 2 (Lanham Sports Complex)
    • CFT Lanes 1 – 6 (Lanham Sports Complex)
  • Marine Dome
    • Basketball Court 1A (1/2 court). Pickleball (Requires Court 1A &1B). Outdoor courts do not require a reservation.
    • Basketball Court 1B (1/2 court)
    • Basketball Court 2A (1/2 court)
    • Basketball Court 2B (1/2 court)
    • Volleyball Court
    • Racquetball Court A
    • Racquetball Court B
    • MCMAP Mats (must be a MCMAP instructor to reserve)
  • All tennis courts, futsal court and pickleball courts are first come, first served.

How to Make Reservations

  • Reservations are made through the MCCS Coordinator. Email or call 466-4401.
    • Reservation information needed:
    • Unit requesting reservation
    • Date(s) requested
    • Time requested
    • Unit Point of Contact (POC)
    • POC Phone Number
    • Head Count
    • Field(s)/Court(s) requested
  • Reservations can be made no more than 30 days out.
  • Last minute reservations (48 hours or less) may be made by calling the Marine Dome at 466-2566.
  • At ten minutes past the reserved time, the field/court becomes “open” if the unit with whom the reservation was made has failed to show.
Marine Dome

Restrictions and Guidelines

Softball Complex / Grass Fields

  • The following are prohibited:
    • Animals
    • Glass containers
    • Alcohol or tobacco products
    • Metal spiked cleats

Lanham Sports Complex

  • The following are prohibited
    • Animals
    • Glass containers
    • Alcohol or tobacco products
    • Marking of lines
    • Vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, or scooters
    • Golfing, javelins, or metal spiked cleats

Prohibited on the synthetic turf (Football/soccer, CFT fields) and track

  • Flipping tires
  • Sports drinks, soda, or any beverage other than water
  • Food
  • Cooking of any kind
  • Chairs or tables
  • Sharp objects such as tent stakes

Marine Dome

  • Only non-marking PT shoes allowed on gym floor. Boots, street shoes (hard sole) and bare feet are not allowed on wood floors.
  • Food, beverage (other than water) and gum are not allowed.
  • Tobacco and alcohol are prohibited.
  • No dunking/hanging from the rims.
  • No playing football or soccer in the facility.
  • No bicycling, skateboarding or rollerblading.
  • No jogging/running on the perimeter (walkways) at any time.
  • Obscene language, gestures and inappropriate clothing is prohibited.
  • Eye protection is mandatory in racquetball courts.
  • No shoes on wrestling mats.


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