Children and Youth Program Resource & Referral

This is your first stop in registering your child in our Children and Youth Program.

Contact us for information on enrollment, to obtain an enrollment packet with all required forms, and to connect with child care resources.

Contact Information

Children & Youth Program Resource & Referral

Bldg 232
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533

Phone: 2524665605

Phone: 2524663595

Phone: 2524665079

Monday 0600-1800
Tuesday 0600-1800
Wednesday 0600-1800
Thursday 0600-1800
Friday 0600-1800
Saturday closed
Sunday closed
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Child care in the early years must be more than just a place to drop them off. We understand that every moment is an opportunity for kids to learn about the world and how to grow into it. Their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development are our top priorities. Our programs provide safe, nurturing, and positive environments for your children, and we encourage you to participate in the development of our programs and services. There are various options to meet the needs of your children and to work with your schedule.

The Child Development Centers (CDC) offer full-time care for children 6 weeks to 5 years (children cannot be enrolled in kindergarten). Our centers are fully accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and deliver a day guided by the Early Learning Matters (ELM) Curriculum for the age appropriate development of your child. All CDCs comply with DoD standards for staff qualifications, program quality, safety, sanitation and nutrition.

Benefits of CDC

  • Parent Advisory Board provides recommendations for improving programs & services
  • Parent Participation Program encourages parents to be involved from A to Z (parent participation is suspended/limited at this time due to COVID guidance)
  • Early Learning Matters (ELM) Curriculum is child centered to promote individual learning and interests
  • Balance of indoor, outdoor, field trips, active and quiet activities
  • Conferences are both scheduled and encouraged on a daily basis to plan, assess, and set goals

Contact Information

Child Development Center #1

Bldg 4298
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533

Phone: 2524663782

Contact Information

Child Development Center #2

Bldg 4629
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533

Phone: 2524663105

Contact Information

Child Development Center #3

Bldg 4859
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533

Phone: 2524664176

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