Family Advocacy services ONLY apply to active duty service members; their family members and eligible intimate partners who are involved in a child abuse or domestic abuse incident as a victim, alleged abuser, or non-abusing parent of a child abuse victim; and DOD civilian personal and contractors who are eligible beneficiaries of MTF services and who are involved in a child abuse or domestic abuse incident as a victim, alleged abuser, or non-abusing parent of a child abuse victim.

21st Century Anger Management

  • Join us for an 8-week course focused on tools that help gain control and manage anger. The skills taught can be applied in the workplace, family and intimate relationships, or where ever the anger is causing an issue. No registration required. Please arrive 20 minutes early on your first day for orientation. Call 252-466-3264.

STOP for Women

  • Program for women who have been violent towards their husbands. The program focuses on making choices that are nonviolent, managing anger, alternative ways to resolve conflicts without using violence, and looking at alternatives to violent behavior. Family Advocacy Program (FAP) clients ONLY. Group will be located in building 232.


  • Learn how family conflict impacts children of all ages and how to help children impacted from family conflict.

Children in Between

  • Children don't belong in the middle of parents' conflicts. Learn about: the effects on children, the definition and benefits of co-parenting, and the skills for a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Within My Reach

  • A relationship skills and decision making program that helps individuals achieve their goals in relationships, family, and marriage.

24/7 Dad

  • 24/7 Dad is a unique set of programs designed to equip fathers with the self-awareness, compassion, and sense of responsibility that every good parent needs. It focuses on building the man first and the father second. The philosophy behind the programs supports the growth and development of fathers and children as caring and compassionate people who treat themselves, others, and the environment with respect and dignity. This philosophical basis of caring and compassion forms the underlying structure that constitutes the values that are taught in the programs. 

Wings of Strength

  • Join us to gain support and work toward a healthy relationship. Learn about communication, ways to stay safe, the cycle of violence, power and control, issues associated with trauma, and much more.

Positive Parenting Program

  • Taking the guesswork out of parenting, the Positive Parenting program consists of short briefs and seminars that give parents practical and easy approaches to managing their child’s behavior, helping prevent problems from developing, and helping build healthy and strong relationships. 

Victim Advocacy Program

  • Victim advocates support victims by providing the following services: provides reporting options to a victim of domestic abuse, provides confidentiality with a restrictive reporting option, help finding shelter and other support, help getting a Military Protective Order (MPO), helping prepare a safety plan, intervention with civilian agencies on behalf of the victim, etc.

Prevention and Education

  • Our counseling and prevention program promotes awareness and prevention of family violence, as well as other issues, by providing briefs to units. Briefs can also be specialized, based on the command’s availability, requested topics, or preferred training method (with or without PP). Our prevention specialist will provide briefs to groups ranging in size from 5 to over 1000 participants.)

New Parent Support Program

  • New Parent Support offers expectant parents, parents of newborns, and children up to age five the opportunity to learn new parental skills and improve old ones.  Our licensed, professional staff provide home visits and teach classes. We help families cope with stress, isolation, deployment/post-deployment issues as well as the normal developmental challenges every family experiences.




Contact Information

Family Advocacy Program

Bldg 232
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533

Phone: 2524663264

Monday 0730-1630
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