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Military Training

Military personnel may schedule SWIM QUALIFICATIONS at Mainside pool Monday-Friday between the hours of 0730-1030. To reserve training during this time, units must contact Range scheduling at 252-466-4041. Units must then e-mail a calendar invite including their “5 W’s” to MCCS Aquatics ( and the 2ndMAW G3 ( with a subject line of “Scheduling Mainside Pool for MCIWS use (date 0730-1030)”. After reserving a time slot and ensuring all required personnel and safety equipment is obtained, units must then submit a signed copy of the MCIWS SOP to MCCS Semper Fit Aquatics 48 hours prior to reservation.

Military personnel may schedule UNIT PT sessions during MCCS time, Monday-Friday between the hours of 1300-1700 at Mainside pool. AMPIT, SKWIM, and Water Polo equipment is available for use. To reserve training during this time units must call the Aquatics office 24 hours prior to reservation. Reservations for unit PT sessions are not available during MCCS lap swim time.

MCCS provides LAP SWIM time for all authorized patrons at Mainside pool Monday-Friday from 0530-0700 & 1100-1300. Units are authorized to utilize the pool for physical training during this time. Reservations are not required, however if your group has more than 50 personnel, please contact the Aquatics office.

Military training that includes the use of weighted objects, such as a 10 lb. brick, the use of a rubber rifle, or the practice of hyperventilation is not allowed during MCCS lap swim or recreational swim times. (Exception: MCIWS are authorized to assist an Advanced Water Survival (AWS) candidate during MCCS lap swim time. Events allowed: sidestroke holding dive brick above water and 25 yd underwater swim without hyperventilating. Candidate is not authorized to practice these events without the presence of a certified MCIWS).

If a unit or individual is doing physical training, they are allowed to wear their “cammies” and an empty backpack in the pool. They may also wear their green workout attire. During MCCS time, they are not allowed to wear boots or carry a rubber rifle.

Active Duty Swim Instruction: Looking to develop, improve, and refine basic aquatic skills and swimming strokes? Swim lessons are offered at no cost for active duty personnel. Active Duty should contact the Aquatics office to enroll in our adult swim lesson program.

Call the Aquatics Office at 252-466-2510 for more information.

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