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SkillBridge Program Overview

SkillBridge Employment Training Program is available to all eligible service members. All courses are geared toward learning high-demand industry-specific skills with the high-probability of securing employment prior to exiting the military. Courses offer job interviews, placements, or certifications to enhance entry into the workforce. The SkillBridge Employment Training Program (SETP) is pursuant to MARADMIN 350/18 and NAVADMIN 222/15.

For more information on the SkillBridge Application process, contact the Education Program at: 252-466-3500

For more programs offered through military installations, please visit the DoD SkillBridge website at

Use the SkillBridge Program Comparison Chart for a side by side analysis of potential program providers.

To participate in any SkillBridge Program you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

(1) Complete at least 180 continuous days on active duty and expect to separate or retire from the Marine Corps with an honorable discharge, including general   discharge (under honorable conditions) within the established timelines prescribed in NAVMC 1700.2.

(2) Have sufficient time remaining on contract to complete the SkillBridge program prior to the established separation date.Marines are NOT authorized extensions of obligated service to complete the SkillBridge program.

(3) Receive command approval to participate in a SkillBridge program.

(4) Complete all Transition Readiness Program requirements and submit a completed DD Form 2648.

(5) Completion of the Developing Your Business Ethics (LLISELF301) MarineNet Course, or equivilent, is required within 12 months prior to the program start date.

(6) Marines enrolled in the Individual Disability Evaluation System or assigned to the Wounded Warrior Transition Program with an unknown separation date may not participate in SkillBridge until they have an established/expected separation date and are within the established timelines in NAVMC 1700.2A paragraph 3d.

(7) Marines must participate in a SkillBridge program that has a DoD approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


SkillBridge Application Quick Guide: Marine/Commander

Before Applying, a Marine MUST:

  • Meet with the Marine Corps SkillBridge POC located at the Education Office
  • Read Current NAVMC and Complete Online Application (See instructions below)
  • Apply to Skillbridge Provider and receive Acceptance Letter

Online Application Instructions

STEP 1: Fill out the Application at the bottom of this section and obtain all required signatures.

STEP 2:  Log on to the Marine Corps Education Portal and click on Upload Document and Upload Forms.

  1. Completed and signed NAVMC 1320_1
  2. Completed and signed NAVMC 1320_2
  3. Provider’s Acceptance Letter
  4. Unsigned CO’s Participation Letter

STEP 3: Click on new application and “Create New Application" button and select "I Accept" when prompted.

STEP 4: On the Profile section you will update your profile and for the Skillbridge location you will put MCCS Cherry Point as your current installation.

STEP 5: Add Authorizing Authority - Authorizing Authority must be the Commanding Officer (CO) or Officer in Charge (OIC) with non-judicial punishment authority of your Command. Official Email required. Any attempt to send to an unauthorized approver is subject to UCMJ.

STEP 6: Search for and select skillBridge organization. *MUST be listed on SkillBridge site.

STEP 7: Search for and select SkillBridge Program Location (this list auto-populates based on your selection).

STEP 8: Fill in all remaining blank fields. Including following required fields: Location (on/off base) and Program start/end date

STEP 9: Review Application for accurate inputs. Once complete, select “Save” and then "Submit" button at bottom right of the form. Confirm submission when prompted.

STEP 10: The documents will be routed to the SkillBridge Representative (MCCS Cherry Point Education Office). At that time Representative will review PRIOR to forwarding to Command. Counselors review submissions for all required information and assess eligibly based on USMC-defined prerequisites per current NAVMC.

NCMIS routes counselor-approved submissions to the identified CO for final review and signature.

The CO receives submission requests via email from the address provided by the Marine in the Approver section of the form. A SKILLBRIDGE Submission is Not Complete until the Commanding Officer places final approval/denial on the submission.

  • Once the CO has authorized your Electronic Application, the system will generate a voucher that you will need to provide as part of your Overall SkillBridge Paperwork to your IPAC/Admin to make sure you are OFFICIALLY on SkillBridge.
  • SkillBridge Application Packet

What governs the use of SkillBridge?

Can a service member attend more than one SkillBridge?

  • No

Can a service member attend a second SkillBridge if they fail out of the first?

  • No

Can a service member EAS while attending SkillBridge?

  • Only with approval from your Command. An Administrative Action form would need to accompany the SkillBridge Packet

Does the G.I. Bill cover all cost (housing, travel, food, etc.)?

  • Each program is different in that some programs are “free” to the service member and don’t use the G.I. Bill, whereas some do. The Program POC or the SkillBridge Coordinator can best answer this question.

Will I get paid for the training from either the program or from the VA with the use of my G.I. Bill?

  • No. If you are still on active duty while attending a SkillBridge program, then you will NOT receive any extra pay from either the program or the VA since you will still be on active duty. If it’s a “Free” program, meaning that that the program will cover the cost of the training, then there will be NO income for you if you EAS while on the training.

Can a service member’s spouse utilize this benefit?

  • No, with the exception of Onward 2 Opportunity (O2O).

Do I have to have TRS and/or Capstone completed prior to attending?

  • It is required to have completed TRS before being able to apply and attend any SkillBridge program.

Is there a deadline for the submission of my SkillBridge Packet?

  • Your approved SkillBridge packet is due back to the Cherry Point Education Office before you start your SkillBridge Program.

Our SkillBridge Information sessions are for anyone who wants to learn more about SkillBridge.  During this one hour period, we will discuss the purpose of SkillBridge, the policies and directives set forth, the responsibilities of the applicant, as well as explain the application process.  

Whether you need help with your SkillBridge packet, want to learn more about the program or have specific questions, please join us.

Sessions are held on select Mondays from 1000-1100 in the Training & Education Building. Please call 252-466-3500 for dates and to register.

Contact Information

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Phone: 2524663500


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