The program assists Marines and their families in achieving and sustaining personal financial readiness by providing personal financial education, training, counseling, and financial information and referral. A solid understanding of personal finances will build confidence in facing financial challenges, responsibilities and mission readiness.

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Car Buying

  • This seminar provides Car Buying Preparation and Research content along with activities that will allow you to complete the neces-sary preparation and research to make a successful car purchase. The Car Buying Strategies instructional content and activities provided will focus on negotiations of the price of a car, financing, and a trade-in strategies. This seminar also helps to prepare you to deal with common car buying com-plications that can occur. 

Command Financial Specialist Training

  • This 5-day course is designed to train SNCO’s and Company Grade Officers on how to develop a Personal Financial Management training program at the unit level. Topics covered include but are not limited to bud-geting, debt reduction, credit management, consumer awareness, saving and investing and more. Participants will receive financial software designed to assist them with unit training and individual counseling needs. 

Credit Management

  • This workshop will inform participants about the pros and cons of credit and prepare them to use credit responsibly. Using and Managing Credit provides instructional content, assessments, and activities that will inform you about credit card terminology, credit card costs and features, and credit reports. Allowing participants to understand what debt is and how to manage it appro-priately to avoid the consequences of poor financial management. 

Establishing Your Annual Budget

  • Each year we set resolutions – money is one area where many of us struggle to improve year after year. This workshop is meant to help you reflect on the previous year and develop strategies prepare you for the months to come – whatever it may bring! You’ll finish the workshop not only with a financial plan, but with the tools and pro-spective meant to help you maintain your financial readiness throughout 2023! 

Financial Fresh Start

  • Each year we set resolutions – money is one area where many of us struggle to improve year after year. This workshop is meant to help you reflect on the previous year and develop strategies prepare you for the months to come – whatever it may bring! You’ll finish the workshop not only with a financial plan, but with the tools and prospective meant to help you maintain you financial readiness throughout 2022!

Holiday Spending

  • This workshop will assist learners with creating a holiday spending plan and develop techniques to avoid overspending and ac-cumulating excessive debt during holidays and special events. 

Home Buying Seminar

  • Preparation and Research provides instruc-tional content and activities that will prepare Service members for making a wise home purchase decision. Home Buying Strategies provides instructional content and activities to help you proceed through the home buying process, including how to select a lender and real estate agent, choose an ap-propriate loan, make an offer and negotiate a home buying deal, appraise and inspect a home, and complete the closing process.

Intro to Taxes

  • In this workshop will inform Service members and their family members about the differ-ent types of taxes you pay and strategies to legally minimize your tax burden and gain additional understanding of what docu-ments are used to file their taxes. 

Million Dollar Marine

  • This 2-day workshop will assist Service members and their family members on how to navigate the financial challenges that accompany them and combat the most common financial issues. It will provide attendees with financial management skills that can be used over their lifetime. 

Money Habitudes

  • Money Habitudes® will help you discover Your Money Personality! The instructional content and activities will get participants thinking and talking about their habits and attitudes regarding money, and provides an easy way to discover what emotional triggers may influence their financial behaviors.

Money Management

  • This workshop teaches all the basic informa-tion about personal financial management for Service members and their family mem-bers! We explore the Leave and Earning Statement (LES), discuss effective budgeting techniques, best practices with credit & debt management, and explore opportuni-ties available to assist with building financial security through savings and investing options! 

Personal Readiness Seminar

  • The Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS) is the first action point in the Marine for Life Cycle model. This interactive workshop provides an overview of resources available for continuing education, career development, and personal financial management. The Marine for Life Cycle model requires First Permanent Duty Station Marines to attend the workshop within 90 days of their arrival on the installation.

Plan Your Military Retirement

  • The average American will spend approximately 20 years in retirement, yet fewer than half of Americans know how much they need to save to fund their retirement. This workshop will help Service members put together their strategy to best understand and use their employer’s defined benefit and defined contribution.

Saving & Investing Workshop

  • This workshop will help learners gain a clear understand of the purpose and value of saving and investing, and evaluate and choose appropriate tools and techniques to build wealth for their financial future.

Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds

  • This workshop describes the benefits of holding a diversified portfolio of investments; explains the level of risk and potential return for different types of stocks and bonds; and assess various investment opportunities for stocks and bonds based on yours need, time horizon, and risk tolerance level.

Teen Budget Workshop

  • This fun and interactive workshop provides teens and young adults with basic financial knowledge. Participants will create their desired lifestyle and develop a budget to support it. One of the biggest risk factors for young adults is their lack of basic financial knowledge, including how to understand and use a budget that incorporates saving, investing and living within their means with minimum debt.

Winning With TSP

  • This workshop is designed to provide de-tailed information on the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) to help learners understand how to contribute, manage and the benefits TSP provide to build financial security during retirement!

You and Your Credit Report

  • Monitoring your credit report is an important part of your financial security. It is key to remember that your credit score is based off your credit report – what does your report say about you? This workshop will encourage and assist attendees with gaining better understanding of the credit monitoring process as well as the laws and acts in place to protect our financial wellness.

Your Insurance Needs

  • This workshop is designed to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable learners to make informed consumer decisions on typical types of insurance and their personal insurance needs. Participants will gain access to uncover how these different insurance products will help them manage risk, safeguard wealth and protect their assets.
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