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Interested in bringing your food truck to MCAS Cherry Point? Call 252-720-1603.

Weekly Schedule

(Schedules are subject to change. Follow us on Facebook for updates.)

Earl's Place

Serving burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and seafood

Hours & Location
Wed MCX Parking Lot 1100-1300

Gigi's Snack Shack

Featuring gourmet burgers and grilled chicken

Hours & Location
Thu Resale Lot 1100-1300

Larine's Kitchen

Serving chicken tenders, fried seafood, and sides

Hours & Location
Wed Rifle Range Area 1100-1300

Meraki Kafe

Specializing in Mediterannean dishes

Hours & Location
Mon Resale Lot 1100-1300
Wed Resale Lot 1100-1300
Thu A Street 1100-1300

Tanja's Hella Fat

Featuring sliders and tots

Hours & Location
Wed T&E Bldg. 4335 1100-1300
Thu MCX Parking Lot 1100-1300

A Taste of Philadelphia

Serving a variety of cheesesteaks and other hot sandwiches

Hours & Location
Tue MCX Parking Lot 1100-1300
Wed A Street 1100-1300

Two Crazy Donuts

Specializing in hot mini donuts

Hours & Location
Wed Resale Lot 0630-1000

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