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The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) works to prevent abuse by offering programs to put a stop to domestic abuse before it starts. When abuse does occur, the FAP works to ensure the safety of victims and helps military families overcome the effects of violence and change destructive behavior patterns. FAP staff members are trained to respond to incidents of abuse and neglect, support victims, and offer prevention and treatment.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior in any relationship used to gain or maintain power and control over another, usually an intimate partner. Physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, emotional, and economic threats or actions which are intended to frighten, humiliate, intimidate, hurt, manipulate, or injure someone are all forms of domestic violence. It can happen to anyone at any stage of a relationship, from friendship to dating to marriage, and should never be tolerated. If you suspect that you or a loved one are a victim of domestic violence, or you find any of the behaviors below familiar, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Indicators of Domestic Violence:

  • Your partner humiliates you through name calling, insults, or constant criticism
  • Your partner stops you from seeing your friends or family members and doing things you enjoy
  • Your partner takes your money in order to control your behavior
  • Your partner threatens to hurt you, your children, your family, or your pets
  • Your partner shoves you, slaps you, chokes you, hits you, or is physically abusive in any way
  • Your partner abuses your children
  • Your partner destroys your property or threatens to kill your pets
  • Your partner intimidates you with guns, knives, or other weapons
  • Your partner demands sex regardless of your feelings
  • Your partner blames you for the abuse or denies that it even happe


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