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Volunteering Strengthens Well-being and Total Force Fitness

Volunteering can improve the health and well-being of the volunteers and the people they are helping.

A quick web search reveals almost 20 million articles on how volunteering, or doing good, can benefit someone mentally, physically, and emotionally. Research shows six main areas of life that volunteering can positively impact: physical health, life satisfaction, sense of control, happiness, level of depression, and self-esteem.

Volunteering can strengthen all four domains of Marine Corps Total Force Fitness: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Volunteers have the amazing benefit of helping others while building and practicing skills and gaining valuable experience that can fuel their personal and professional growth. For example, volunteering with programs that serve children could spark an interest in teaching or working for a nonprofit.

The more time you spend volunteering, the more you will reap the benefits. Setting aside one day or one weekend of service is great but does not provide the same long term health benefits that people receive who have made volunteering a habit. Committing 40 hours or more a year to regularly scheduled volunteer events (less than an hour per week) can pay bigger dividends. 

Volunteering can be the first step to an amazing connection within the community and with fellow volunteers. Building those social connections is an important part of overall wellness. Connect with an installation Volunteer Coordinator today.

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