Pre-Work must be submitted through your UTC in order to schedule an Initial Counseling (IC)

*Both Initial Counseling and Pre-Separation Counseling should occur between 18 months but NLT 365 days from EAS for separatees and 24 months but NLT 365 days from retirement date for retirees.

The Initial Counseling (IC) is the first step in the transition process and it is a one-on-one counseling conducted by P&PD staff.

The second step is Pre-Separation Counseling conducted by P&PD Staff following the completion of the IC.  

  • After completion of IC, the Transition office will register you for a Pre-Separation Counseling brief.
  • At the completion of the Pre-Separation brief, the Transition office will register you for TRS or a Retirement TRS.

Your Self-Assessment/Individual Transition Plan is your road map for attaining your employment, education, vocational, and entrepreneurial goals and will help you make a successful transition to civilian life. Develop your plan, keeping in mind this is a living document that will be modified as you near transition. As part of your transition, there are Career Readiness Standards (CRS) that you will be required to meet. CRS are designed to increase your ability to successfully overcome any challenges in pursuit of your post-transition goals. This document is a Career Readiness Standard (CRS), and will be required during your Initial Counseling, TRS Workshops, and Capstone Review appointments.

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